QBI security guarding services

 Increasing crime levels in the country make it difficult to ignore the need to review the security needs

for your business, home and family.  QBI Security will assess your security risk assessment

customised to your needs and based on the report you can

make an informed decision on plan of action.

We offer a full security guard and manned security services including security patrols for all types of commercial and private premises,


Security Guards normally will perform the following tasks:


  • Guard entrances and exits to control Access
  • Manage suspicious activities around the perimeter
  • Patrol site and outer perimeter with vehicles where necessary
  • Monitor CCTV
  • Perform search procedures
  • Maintain visitor and supplier logs
  • Manage Access and Entry Control
  • Manage Parking
  • Write up Incident Reports


Unarmed security guards may be an advantageous solution in low-risk environments and although they guards do not carry fire-arms, they are a deterrent to criminal activity.


Armed security guards are a proven deterrent and those considering criminal activity are less likely to do so if an armed security guard is in place.

Security Guards are supplied with uniforms and provide a clean, professional image for our clients.

QBI Security’s well-trained and discreet Close Protection of Human Capital including key executives, personnel, and family members.  QBI Security can also enhance the level of security expertise of an existing guard force and Security Management Personnel through a comprehensive range of security and incident management Training Courses and exercises.


QBI Security’s Executive Protection Services are supported by our other security and crisis management services, including Vulnerability Assessments, and Crisis Management, Tactical and Strategic Reporting.



We provide event security to events such as conferences, sports, social gatherings, exhibitions, music festivals, etc.   Working closely with your event organiser, we will provide a customised solution meeting your specific needs.


We provide the following event security services:


  • Access Control
  • Gate Attendants
  • Manned Guarding Services
  • Cark Park Management
  • Patrolling

We are committed to providing discreet professional security to our clients.  Our security officers wear professional uniforms that blend in rather than not fit In our the client’s image are available 24/7.


Services include:

  • Customised Executive and Close Protection Services
  • Secure Transportation
  • Secure Residential Security


Violent acts can happen any time or at any place and we will work with your organization to devise security solutions that are designed and implemented according to your specific needs.